Financial Professionals Recommend Chris Kowalik of ProFeds

Read the testimonials of more than 30 financial professionals who recommend Chris Kowalik, Founder of ProFeds:

“I am new in working with federal employees.  After I gave my first seminar and scheduled five appointments, the information I found on the Profeds website was extremely useful during my initial fact-finding meetings with these federal employees.   But I was nervous about my follow-up appointments with them, so I called Chris.   Chris spent 20–30 minutes on the phone with me and handled every concern I raised with her.  She also gave me some very useful sales tips and techniques that proved to be very effective with my appointments.

“Much of the confidence I felt was due directly to Chris’ help.  It is no exaggeration to say that ProFeds was largely responsible for the success I had with those appointments.”

Bob Campbell
Financial Professional
Salt Lake City, UT

Chris has very extensive knowledge of the federal employee market.  She understands how federal benefits, like FEGLI, TSP, Long Term Care Insurance, work and how they fit into a comprehensive financial plan.  Chris was always available to us when we needed her whether she was in her office or traveling, and always made time to explain to us anything we didn’t understand.  She is wonderful at troubleshooting problems and as a sounding board for financial planning ideas.  I worked with Chris extensively on several different federal employee clients and her help in discovering how their benefits worked was crucial in developing a successful financial plan for them.”

Amy W Phillips
Financial Advisor
Annapolis, MD

“Chris is a true professional and extremely knowledgeable about federal employee benefits.  She provides wonderful support to the advisor force in a manner that that not only provides detailed information but she is also able to share ideas on how to communicate, present and market to the federal employees.  Her years of field experience working directly with advisors have prepared her very well to become the premier expert at bridging the gap between the market and the advisor.  Her work ethic and passion for this area is tremendous.  Chris will go the extra mile to ensure support for the advisor and quality solutions for the client.  In my years of working with Chris she has always performed superbly.”

Don Marcum, CFP®
Financial Advisor and Principal
Senior Manager Advisor Training & Development, Midwest Division


“Chris possesses exceptional expertise on federal benefits and helps financial advisors integrate her understanding of benefits into financial plans. She maintains an amazing energy level that enables her to teach fellow financial advisors effectively and in detail. Her assistance enabled me to provide effective guidance for several federal employee clients with the Federal Employee Benefits Analysis.”

Jerry Mohr, CFP®
Financial Advisor
Tampa, FL


“I wholeheartedly recommend Chris of ProFeds to help expand your practice in to the federal employee market.  Chris has un-paralleled knowledge of the myriad intricacies of the federal market, a passion and unique ability to work with advisors and above all, a commitment to providing great service to her clients.  I have engaged her with great success!”

Joe McLaughlin, CFP®
Financial Advisor and Principal
Jacksonville, NC


“Chris has been instrumental in developing my understanding of the challenges facing federal employees.  Her willingness to do the extra work involved in researching difficult to calculate and explain cases has made her a most valued member to my team.  When Chris is working with me, I feel that I have an expert to go to if something does not quite make sense and her passion to bring good and comprehensible results has given me the confidence to give to my clients a more detailed picture of their financial situation.  I would recommend her to any Financial Professional who would like to gain a deeper insight into the federal government marketplace.”

Joseph Silver
Financial Advisor
Alexandria, VA


Hire Chris and you get one of the very best. I have worked with Chris for several years. In addition to the professional services she provides, you get someone who is absolutely dedicated to helping you succeed.

Mark O’Connor, CFP®
Financial Advisor
Stafford, VA


“Chris is a fountain of wisdom in working with the federal employee market. She also has a clear understanding of your challenges as an Advisor working in the federal market. I am confident that anyone that works with Chris will benefit from her knowledge not only on the system benefits but process of presenting the value to your clients. She is passionate in her support and maintains an ethical viewpoint in the entire process of integrating the benefits into a comprehensive financial plan. I have worked with several different people on this subject and none of them were as engaged and informed as Chris.”

Pat Plemmons
Financial Advisor
Chesapeake, VA


“Chris has distinguished herself as the go-to person in the federal employee benefits arena. She is a talented marketer – and you put that with her enthusiasm and hard work, you will get the results you want. Chris is easy to work with and a team member that knows how to generate business.”

Rick Amelon, CFP®, ChFC, CLU
Financial Advisor and Principal
Virginia Beach, VA


“I could always depend upon Chris for an accurate and thorough answer to my questions on the federal market and their benefits. She truly helped me be a greater help to our federal clients.

Bruce Jennings
Financial Advisor
Oklahoma City, OK


“Chris is a highly knowledgeable co-worker who developed timely training and ongoing support systems for field reps.  She was the person I went to for help.”

Steve Popelka
Financial Advisor
Tucson, AZ


Chris is an energetic and hard working professional that has passion for providing service to financial professionals who are interested in serving the federal employees. She is intelligent, bright and enjoys her job. She went above and beyond what was expected of her in providing service while she was with [our company] and I hated to hear that she moved on. I wish her God’s blessings in her future endeavors. Semper fi!”

John Mott
Financial Advisor
New Windsor, NY


“Chris has been a fantastic source for us in the area of federal benefits and integrating those benefits into financial plans for our clients. She understands the challenges of financial advisors working in the federal market and has been a valuable resource when we are building comprehensive plans for our clients who are Civil Servants. She has always been quick to respond to follow-on inquiries from me and in assisting me with questions posed by our clients. I consider her a very important member of our Deliverables Team and would highly recommend her services.”

Howard Rush
Financial Advisor and Principal
Richmond Hill, GA


Chris played a key role in helping me move into this crucial market segment. Her knowledge was invaluable. She is proactive, forward-thinking, and a pleasure to work with.”

Nick Psaki
Financial Advisor
Orange Park, FL


“I had the distinct pleasure of having Chris on my Team, not only as the Regional Advisor for the Pacific Region, but as the Director of Advisor Operations for the West Division. She spearheaded [our company’s] entry into the federal employee market on both the regional and national levels. Tireless in her support of the Advisors, she consistently sought ways to effectively target and penetrate a terrific (and sometimes challenging) market segment. Chris is an expert in the area of federal employees, not only with regard to their benefits, but more importantly how to contact and effectively deliver the message and tools necessary to assist these deserving Americans. If this is a market that you intend to serve – and you actually want results, you will not be better served than with Chris on your Team.”

Brad Berger, CFP®, CLF
Financial Advisor
University Place, WA


Chris is one of the top professionals I have encountered in my eight years in the financial services industry as advisor and manager. Her knowledge of the federal employee benefits arena is superb. Her ability to explain the facts and implications of this very complex benefit program is nothing short of amazing. She knows and well understands the challenges of being an advisor for this market and her presentations provide not only facts, but also sales tips and effective financial plan integration techniques. She is totally committed to helping federal employees and the advisors who serve them. If you contract with her, you will be impressed with her passion, humor, and dedication to her craft.”

Stoney Sloan
Financial Advisor & Principal
Goldsboro, NC


“Chris’s level of expertise in the federal employee marketplace is extraordinary. She has helped me on several occasions with developing appropriate recommendations and writing accurate plans for federal employee clients. I have greatly appreciated her prompt assistance and thorough analyses. It is unusual to work with someone who has not only a great depth of knowledge in a specific discipline, but also a clear method of communication that starts at my level of knowledge and then lifts me from there. She doesn’t talk over my head or down to me. She talks straight and effectively. She anticipates my questions and provides clear answers quickly. It has been obvious from my interactions with Chris that she understands my business and the challenges I face. When I finish a conversation with her, I am never worried that she’s missing an important piece of information to do her job well. Chris clearly has a passion for her work, and it shows in both the quality and speed of delivery received.”

John Cermak, CFP®
Financial Advisor
Alexandria, VA


Chris was instrumental in getting me prepared for interfacing with federal employees on their financial planning. Her expertise on the federal benefits, and the software needed to analyze those benefits was impressive. In addition to her technical acumen, her work ethic and responsiveness were always top notch. She is enjoyable to work with and an asset to anyone working with federal employee benefits.”

Tom Griffith
Financial Advisor
Syracuse, NY


“Chris has a knowledge of federal employees that is second to none. She is very adept at teaching financial advisors how the federal benefit system works. Her detailed knowledge of the multiple retirement systems in the civil service community has made her invaluable to me as a resource for information. I value the relationship we have built over the past four years.”

Bob Kerr
Financial Advisor & Principal
Fort Worth, TX


“I called Chris directly to get information about how to use a program that was designed specifically for federal employees. I have some knowledge of federal employee benefits and of federal employee retirement benefits, but when I asked Chris for assistance with the program, I was very surprised and impressed with the depth of knowledge that she has with respect to what federal employees have available to them. Through her experience and knowledge, I learned more about federal employee benefits, as well how to better assist federal employees use their benefits. I highly recommend Chris for anything. Her self-motivation to be the best to serve her clients is evident in desire to be the Subject Matter Expert. And if she is not sure about something, she knows how to find out the answers and report her findings in a timely manner. She would be a great asset to any client or team she works with. She knows how to go beyond the call of duty and will excel anywhere!

Jason Lavarias
Financial Advisor
New York, NY


“Chris is a goal oriented, accomplish the mission, professional. She is highly motivated and intelligent with a strong work ethic. If I needed something done right and on time, I would go to Chris. She will get the job done!

Scott Hallock
Financial Advisor & Principal
Manhattan, KS


“I had the pleasure of working with Chris directly on federal reports for delivery to several clients who were federal employees. She is THE EXPERT on federal employees and their programs. She is on call virtually 24/7 and can answer any question you may have, in depth. I also received formal training from Chris on three occasions and she has a talent for taking complicated subjects and making them easy. I was immediately able to take my relationship to federal employees to a higher level as a result. Her passion is evident in her work, and she takes charge and can get you moving in the right direction quickly, and does it in a positive and friendly manner. She has my highest possible recommendation for anyone needing advice on federal employees and their needs.”

Chip Kilburn
Financial Advisor
Oklahoma City, OK


“I found Chris to be an extraordinary resource for the federal employee market. Her knowledge was incredible and her follow through exceptional. Having a subject matter expert like Chris available allowed me to focus on growing that aspect of our business knowing we could make a difference in the lives of many deserving families. With a market this complex, knowledge is mandatory. I would highly recommend her services.”

Jill Pietrusinski
Financial Advisor & Principal
O’Fallon, IL


“Bottom line, Chris’s work is nothing short of value added. She understood our work as financial advisors and how expertise could assist us with our clients. Chris’s knowledge of the federal benefits program was the best I have seen in 16 years, and she communicates effectively. Chris was always available in a timely manner. Chris’s work will add to any organizations bottom line. I highly recommend Chris.”

Jim Schless
Financial Advisor
Orange Park, FL


Chris has an incredible capacity for taking a complex subject, like federal employee benefits, and makes it easy to explain to your clients. Chris has always shown incredible attention to detail and follow through by keeping up to date on the changes to the benefits of the federal employee. Chris is that rare person that can get down in the weeds on the details, and then expand and explain, in an entertaining way, the big picture with common sense and great presentation skills.

Dave Bonney, CFP®
Financial Advisor and Principal
San Antonio, TX


“Chris is an extraordinary asset to [our company]. Her vast knowledge of the federal employee market has helped our District immensely in our marketing and prospecting activities. Chris has helped me numerous times and because of her assistance, I have had great success with the federal employee market thus far. Her passion for her job and her relentless attention to detail is remarkable. Chris never hesitates to lend a helping hand and is an absolute pleasure to work with.”

Sha Chowdhury
Financial Advisor
Bethesda, MD


“Chris is one of the brightest and most caring people with which I have had the pleasure of working. As a market strategist, Chris is fantastic! Her attention to detail and her ability to understand the company’s position, as well as the client’s wishes were second to none. Her professionalism and honest communication skills allow her to obtain the highest levels of success.”

Shad Reynolds, CFP®, CLU®, ChFC®, CLTC
Financial Advisor & Principal
Atlanta, GA


“Chris is one the hardest working people I know. After hours of brainstorming and pages of notes, she was still ready to tackle more. Within the first 30 seconds of meeting her I could tell she was someone who was passionate about her job and would put the work in that was necessary to make her team successful. Her loyalty is endless and her dedication is immeasurable. She takes the time to get to know the people she meets and is sincere with every breath she takes. There is no job, no task, and no direction I would head that I would not want Chris on my team for.”

Beth Hansen
Saint Louis, MO


“Chris’s integrity, knowledge, and work ethic are absolutely unmatched. You will not find anyone who will work harder to get the job done right, beyond expectations, the first time.  Chris has decided to start her own business with ProFeds, and I applaud her decision (even if it will cost me money to work with her in the future). I am positive she is worth more than whatever she’s charging.  Be confident – when you hire Chris, you have the best.”

Paul Campbell
Financial Advisor
Springfield, VA


“Chris is an invaluable resource when dealing with federal benefits matters. She is like finding the ‘mother-load’ of information! In addition, she possesses an extremely high standard of service and reliability –and never settles for ‘close enough’. Very, very good.”

Steve Litwiller
Financial Advisor
Chesapeake, VA


“I currently am the most senior of [our company’s] Advisor force with over 32 years service. During my entire tenure I have never worked with a more dedicated, self-motivating, innovative professional than Chris. The following is typical of Chris and is but one example of her dedication and work ethic. The Friday before last Labor Day weekend I encountered difficulty completing a report that necessitated use of our Federal Benefits Calculator. No matter what I did the program would print out data that was blatantly wrong. Further adding to my frustration was the fact that I had to present this report to a client at 1:00pm the following Tuesday. I contacted Chris who quickly duplicated my problem and was able to determine that my difficulty stemmed from a previously undetected “bug” in the computer program. On attempting to contact the developer and writer of the program she discovered that he had already departed for the weekend. Anyone else would simply have told me that there was no alternative to postponing my appointment, and gone on to enjoy a few well deserved days off, but not Chris. Instead, she spent almost her entire Labor Day weekend attempting to force the program to print correct data. She was finally able to do so, and provided me the completed report the morning of my appointment. In my mind, this is dedication and service “above and beyond” and is so typical of Chris. She is truly one of a kind.

Paul Monroe
Financial Advisor and Principal
Oklahoma City, OK