Business Building Bootcamp

This mixture of video and live training is packed full of proven strategies for financial professionals to grow your business and drastically increase your confidence in serving federal employees.  Follow our 2-step training process to get the technical benefits training you need and the credible exposure to this unique audience.

Next Bootcamp is November 21-22, 2024!

>>>    Video Course Opens: October 14, 2024    <<<


Program Overview

This unique training course expands beyond technical benefits training to show financial professionals how to conduct more effective meetings with every federal prospect and client, identify key sales opportunities, and leverage off of practical and proven tactics to help their clients make sound decisions.

Financial professionals who have tapped into Chris Kowalik’s comprehensive training programs feel more prepared to take on the specific challenges of this marketplace.

Whether you have been working with federal employees for many years and looking for a boost in your business, or you’re just beginning to make this market your focus — this may be just the program you’ve been looking for.

While many federal training courses focus solely on the technical aspects of the federal benefits, ProFeds shows financial professionals how to apply this information in the context of a financial plan or other services they offer.  Being able to explain complicated topics to their clients in simple terms allows them to ultimately become the go-to person for federal employees to turn to for financial guidance.

Course Objectives

Extensive coverage on federal employee programs such as their group term life insurance, 401(k)-style retirement plan, employer-sponsored long-term care coverage, health benefits, survivor’s benefits and computing federal pensions.

Comprehensive review of industry best practices and Chris Kowalik’s proven model for scheduling meetings, gathering necessary information, conducting appointments, and converting federal prospects into long-term financial planning clients

Full Training Program Includes:

STEP 1: Self-Paced Study via the ProFeds Video Course

Completing the Video Course

This video course provides a step-by-step introduction to the nuts and bolts of the federal benefits, and will be an ongoing resource for you as you build your knowledge base in working with federal employees.

Video course content will be made available to advisors for self-paced study at least 1 week prior to the guided discussion on that topic.  The videos should be followed in order.

This will provide all Bootcamp participants with the necessary foundation of information in advance of the live Bootcamp where we will discuss more complex material and strategies.   There's simply too much to cover live!

All video course content will remain available to advisors for future review and reference.

NOTE: Each week's content is roughly 2-3 hours of video coursework to be reviewed PRIOR to the schedule guided discussion calls.  Advisors should set aside adequate time to complete the training each week.

Advisors must complete the video training PRIOR to attending the Bootcamp.

Guided Discussions Leading Up to the Live Training

Chris Kowalik of ProFeds conducts 30-minute group calls in the 4 weeks leading up to the live Bootcamp. She will provide context of the material and answer questions about the material of the week.

All guided discussion calls will be recorded if you are unable to join us on the day of the call. 

Week #1

  • Introduction
  • Federal Employees Retirement System
  • Civil Service Retirement System

Week #2

  • Survivor Benefits
  • Social Security
  • Special Retirement Supplement

Week #3

  • Federal Employee Health Benefits
  • Federal Employee Group Life Insurance
  • Federal Long Term Care Insurance

Week #4

  • Thrifts Savings Plan
  • Questions from previous material
  • Wrap-up

STEP 2: Live Training in Chicago/Rosemont, IL

The self-study video course and guided discussions are perfect prerequisites to the Bootcamp training, so we can stay focused on the material that is best taught live!

Planning Concepts & Strategies

  • Expose vulnerabilities to federal plans
  • Highlight key solutions to shortfalls
  • Meeting demos & reporting tools

Local Marketing Opportunities

  • Workshop scheduling process
  • How to grow a strong referral base
  • Support processes from ProFeds

Next Bootcamp is November 21-22, 2024!

>>>    Video Course Opens: October 14, 2024    <<<

See what a few ProFeds members have to say about the training and support they have received!

Working with federal employees has changed my practice in countless ways thanks to the great support from the ProFeds team!

Frank Dimicelli  
Member since 2013

ProFeds has provided the missing pieces to our service to federal employees. We so appreciate the ways you support our business. 

Pat Lavy
Member since 2017

I am beyond thankful for the ProFeds community and am eager/excited to partner with you as I grow my federal employee service. 

Cameron Broderick  
Member since 2022

Meet the ProFeds Team

At the Bootcamp, you'll meet the entire ProFeds team so you know who it is that is supporting you at various stages of your partnership with ProFeds. We believe that this face-to-face interaction is critical in our relationship, and gives you a chance to see the magnificent team that cares about your success!