Taking Abrupt Actions to Reach Your Goals

Many financial professionals and federal employees I work with suffer from the same problem: They can see their goal in the distance, but can’t quite reach it.  It is tantalizingly close, but no matter how hard they work, they just can’t get there.

As financial professionals, you’re likely on the giving end of goal setting and advice for your clients.  If you’re struggling in your own business, take a step back and take a different path to achieve your goal.  For goodness sake — don’t keep beating your head against a wall!

Do any of these sound familiar?: 
  • I’m getting burned out working with my current clients
  • I’m working hard, but can’t seem to get ahead and make more money
  • I’m probably leaving money on the table because clients seem to be falling through the cracks
  • I’m spread too thin and don’t know how to be more efficient to get things done
  • I feel desperate to find clients, but wish I could be more selective
  • I don’t get to spend as much time with my family as I want
Don’t be afraid to take a step back and look for a better way to achieve the goals that are important to you — both business and personal goals!

After all, if you want things to BE different, you must DO things differently!

Since we can all fall into the “routine rut,” it’s easy to just bump along and keeping doing things the same ol’ way.  I find that doing something abrupt to alter our behavior is often a way to kick start your new way of thinking and create a new routine that is more aligned with your goals.  In some ways, it’s the “cold turkey” method when it comes to changing our business habits.

Abandon the status quo, stop following what everyone else is doing, and carve out your own ‘thing’. Moving from one level to the next requires you to do something different — something bold.

ProFeds is all about finesse over brute force, and niche over mass market. Our goal is to find a more elegant solution designed to take you to the next level to accomplish your goals while working with federal employees.

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About the Author: Chris Kowalik, founder of ProFeds, is the industry’s leading business coach for financial professionals who specialize in working with federal employees.  She is a frequent speaker for financial services firms and federal agencies throughout the country.